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Our independence separates us from many other vendors in the marketplace.


Our independence separates us from many other vendors in the marketplace.

Arvada Pump Company is an independent, privately held, company involved primarily in the repair and re-manufacturing of pumps, motors, and rotating equipment.  We have business relationships with suppliers of all the major pump manufacturers, as well as motor manufacturers.  However, we are not contractually obligated to represent any manufacturer, and operate as an independent business.  When we occasionally recommend replacement of a piece of equipment, in lieu of repair (due to extreme damage) we truly begin with the application.  We select the equipment which best fits the client’s needs rather than representing and recommending any specific brand or manufacturer.  Our independence separates us from many other vendors in the marketplace.

The Company was established in 1947 and incorporated in 1972.  We have worked for many varied clients in the water, wastewater, storm water, high purity, petroleum, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, power generation, mining, and building services industries.  Our experience covers pumps from ½ HP well pumps to turbines used in nuclear power generation.  Our shop is equipped with full machining and welding capabilities to custom fabricate parts when they are no longer available, have long lead times, or are non-standard.

Arvada Pump Company’s employees have 95 years of combined experience in the pump repair business.  Since we are primarily a repair and remanufacturing business, our goal is not to sell new equipment to replace older, still serviceable units.  We have an extensive catalog of pumps, with parts lists, and performance information; better than some manufacturers.  This provides us a great opportunity to restore equipment to manufacturer’s original specifications.

Pump repairs are performed in the most expedient manner possible while still paying attention to detail.  Our concerns during rebuild are not only speed, but finding the cause of the failure so that it is not repeated.  We use high quality OEM parts as well as less costly aftermarket parts when they meet quality standards and are available.  We work with manufacturers and their local representatives across virtually every pump line.

Arvada Pump Company’s experience is primarily on the repair side of the pumping industry.  Since our founding in 1947 the Company has focused on repairing existing equipment rather than selling new.  Our extensive repair background has allowed us to see many of the less common failures of equipment.  Because of this, when equipment is disassembled for inspection, we can look for the root cause of failure such as operational issues, power problems, or materials selection rather than simply replacing failed parts with the same thing, just to have it fail again.

Arvada Pump maintains two Colorado Pump Installation Contractor Licenses, #1242 and #1529.  

Since our founding in 1947 the Company has focused on repairing existing equipment rather than selling new.



Vehicles (Owned)
  • 2000 Dodge 1 ½ Ton Crane Truck
  • 2014 Ram 5500 2 Ton Service Truck with 3000 Pound Bumper Crane
  • 2015 GMC ¾ Ton Service Truck
  • 2012 Chevrolet 1 Ton Service Truck with 2000 Pound Bumper Crane
  • 2008 Chevrolet ¾ Ton Service Truck with 2000 Pound Bumper Crane
  • 13 Ton 40 Foot Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer
  • 6 Ton 18 Foot Flatbed Trailer
  • 5000 Pound Capacity Forklift
Electrical/Mechanical Test Equipment (Owned)
  • Fluke 435 II Power Quality Analyzer
  • Fluke 89 IV Recording Multi-meter
  • Fluke 810 Vibration Meter
  • Pruftechnik Shaft-Align Laser Aligner
  • FLiR i7 Infrared Camera
  • Fluke 1587 Multi-meters / Megohmeters
  • AEMC 1000V Megohmeters
  • Custom built 16 channel analog and digital datalogger
  • Electrom iTIG II D Motor Surge Tester, Milliohm meter, PI/DAR, HiPot Tester
  • Dial Indicators with Clamps for Motor Alignment, etc.
  • Various Other Equipment Programmers, Calibrators, etc.
Machine Tools (Owned)
  • Summit 17×40 Engine Lathe with 3” through bore
  • Lagun 9×42 Knee Mill with 3 Axis Digital Readout
  • 75 Ton Shop Press
  • 4 Ton Arbor Press
  • Blast-N-Peen Upright Glass Bead Blasting Cabinet
  • 10 Ton Ener-pack Hydraulic Puller
  • Hydraulic lift table
  • 2.2 Ton Overhead Crane
Miscellaneous Equipment (Owned)
  • 350 amp Multi-Process Welder
  • 300 amp Engine Drive Welder / 10 kW Generator
  • 5 HP Tsurumi KTZ Dewatering Pump with Hoses
  • Makita 14” cutoff saw
  • 2 and 3 Jaw Pullers up to 30 Ton
  • 5000 Watt Generator
  • 2 – Air Compressors
  • Engine powered pressure washer
Hazardous Materials / Confined Space Equipment (Owned)
  • Safety Tripod with Crane and Fall Arrest, qty 2
  • RKI 4 Gas Air Monitor, qty 4
  • Ventilation Equipment for Improving Air Quality in Work Spaces, qty 2